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State Champs

2023 NSBA State Marching Contest, Oct. 21

Congratulations, MWHS Wildcat Marching Band for an incredible performance at the 2023 NSBA State Marching Contest at Buell Stadium, Omaha.

2023 NSBA State Class 5A Champions and State Grand Champions!

Also received the awards for

  • Best Percussion

  • Best Music

  • Best Visual Performance

  • Best General Effect

What an INCREDIBLE performance! What an INCREDIBLE season!

From our band director, Mr. John Keith:

Our kids are amazing - what an incredible run last night! They weren’t just playing the show, they were truly performing for the audience. And what a performance! The best part for me was seeing the joy and excitement on their faces after playing the last note. They knew.

Our parents and alumni are great also! Your cheering when we took the field and throughout the show really fired the kids up. Thank you for your support of our band.

What a night!!


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