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Color Guard

The guards perform choreographed dances and routines to visually enhance and interpret music using visual props.

Color Guard

The Color Guard at Millard West exists to give students who have a special interest in dance and work with visual props (flags, rifles, sabers, etc.) a performance venue. The art of “music in motion” is at its finest here as the students will create a visual image of the music through the use of lyric and jazz dance and work with “guard” equipment. Auditions for Color Guard are held in the spring of the previous school year.

Winter Guard

Winter Guard is an indoor Color Guard activity, an extension of the Marching Band program. Members make use of dance, flags, wooden rifles, and other props to perform a routine at competitions designated by the Heartland Winter Arts Association and Winter Guard International. The purpose of this team is to give students the opportunity to promote school spirit, encourage school and team involvement, develop sportsmanship and group cooperation, inspire high standards, and develop or increase skills in dance/flag/rifle/etc., responsibility, leadership, and self-discipline.

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