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Band Summer Uniform

Updated: Apr 29


The summer uniform for ALL 9-12 marching band students consists of:

  • Green MW Band polo

  • Khaki shorts from Old Navy (black shorts for Color Guard)

  • White MW Band wicking shirt

  • Tennis shoes

Students will wear the green polo and khaki shorts for band camp premiere night, March-a-thon, Millard Days Parade, the first warm football games, and for basketball pep bands in the winter. JV students also wear the polo if working on pit crew at competitions. Once we change over to formal uniforms, all students are required to wear the white MW Band wicking shirt under the formal uniform.

CURRENT STUDENTS: This is the same polo and wicking shirt as in previous years. However, if the logo on your shirt is cracked and/or peeling, please order a new one.

COLOR GUARD: You need to have the green polo. You do not need the white wicking shirt.

The online store to purchase your band polo and wicking shirt will open June 2021.


The following are the approved khaki shorts for the summer uniform. These may be purchased from Old Navy.


Girls will have the choice of either

  • Mid-Rise Twill Everyday Shorts for Women (5-inch inseam) Item Number: 391562-04-1 Color: Upper Crust

  • Mid-Rise Twill Everyday Shorts for Women (7-inch inseam) Item Number: 391565-01-1 Color: Upper Crust


  • Slim Ultimate Built-In Flex Shorts for Men (10-inch inseam) Item Number: 392843-03-1 Color: A Stone’s Throw

If you have any questions, contact Jenny Schlosser at schlosser.jenny@gmail.com

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